Sanjeev T Epic Shit Download

Sanjeev T earlier today released his new album titled ‘Epic Shit‘ (serious!) which is available for digital download on OK Listen. Couple of days back, Sanjeev T had showcased the stunning artwork (done by the Wow Makers fellas) of the album here.

Download Sanjeev T’s Epic Shit from OK Listen

The album features 7 tracks:

1. Chekele: (5:06) – A song about the harsh living conditions of peasants in Kerala in the 19th century, a version of which was also composed by Avial a few years back, Chekele features carnatic guitarist Baiu Dharmajan on guitars and Shreyas Bhargavan on percussions.  Watch the video of Chekele at the end of this post.

2. Mixed Emotions (3:42) – A song about the need to fail to allow the mind to learn, mature and update itself to succeed. Lyrics of the song have been written by Maria Tom and Sanjeev T and the skills on the tap guitar are those of Achyuth.

3. Electric Pranaam (5:10) – An instrumental track, the second that features the pioneering carnatic rock exponent Baiju Dharmajan is a morning respect to the Gods of music. The track capsules the sense of feelings that Indian sounds can produce and sees sitar maestro Asad Khan’s as a guest performer on the song.

4. Purple Lie (3:02) – In Sanjeev T’s words, “Purple lie is a song about a shortcut to our minds capabilities. An acid trip. A trip to show us the possibilities of our minds strength and power.” Sanjeev’s done the vocals, played the guitars and done the programming for this song, while the lyrics are by Maria Tom.

5. Zamzayo (4:33) – A very hummable track, Zamzayo is a call for bravery – a song about the state of being alone and taking pride in it, possessing the confidence to see a bright future. Lyrics of Zamzayo are written by Gowri Jayakumar and the sweet sounding violins on the song have been played by Herald and Francis.

6. Palli Vathil (5:15) - Palli vathil, like Chekele is a folk song from Kerala belonging to the Catholic Christian traditions. Composed by Sanjeev T and recorded on the album in collaboration with Sayanora on vocals, on this song the Banjo is played by Santhosh Chandran – the guitarist who replaced Baiju after he left Motherjane in 2010.

7. Feel Me Now (3:43) – Feel me now is a song about the collective human consciousness, one that’s felt by all human beings whether they realize it or not. Sanjeev says that this could be anything from an idea, a reformation or the consciousness of our senses as a hive, i.e a collective unit. Donning the guitars on this song is Warren Mendonsa who used to play for the alt-rock outfit Zero in the 2000s and the backing vocals are of Maria Tom.

Rapfin Stephen and Roop Thomas have played the keyboards and the bass guitar on all the songs. Most of the songs of the album have been recorded Live. The album has been produced by Kochi based record label, production house and entertainment firm Springr.

Download Sanjeev T's album Epic Shit from OK ListenDownl

Download Sanjeev T’s album Epic Shit from OK Listen

Watch Chekele featuring Sanjeev T and Baiju Dharmajan from the album Epic Shit.

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